7 Funny Bollywood villain names that will crack you up

Here are seven funny Bollywood villain names that will crack you up.

The villains of Bollywood movies are not only the pivotal part but also the centre of attraction in some movies. But there are some iconic villains in some famous movies who got really weird names. Though they are terrifying in their actions, their names makes everyone laugh his heart out.

Here is the ultimate list of 7 such funny Bollywood villain names that will surely crack you up:- 


1) Mogambo-(Mr. India): 

Amrish Puri portrayed this character extraordinarily well and his iconic dialogue “Mogambo khush huya” became synonymous with him. In Swahili language, Mogambo means passion. But what has it to do with Bollywood superhero movie villain?

2) Kaancha Cheena-(Agneepath):

How can this iconic villain from Agneepath with such a spine-chilling appearance have this wierd name?

3) Abhrush-(Pukar):

Danny Denzongpa played the role of this Pakistani terrorist. But his name was hilarious!

4) Bachcha Bhaiya-(Dabaang 2):

Can anyone imagine a notorious criminal named as “kid”? That’s exactly what Bachcha means in Hindi.


Played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Shakaal was a blood-curdling sadistic villain from the movie Shaan. While Kaal means time in Hindi, Shakaal is a unique word without meaning. Several memes are also made with this examplary villain.


It is probably the most hysterically funny name a dangerous criminal have!

7) Kesariya Vilayati-(Ram Lakhan):

Vilayati means foreigner in Hindi. But this villain don’t look like a foreigner from any angle. He even has no connection with foreign.What an inappropriate name!