Mia Khalifa asks, "What in the human rights violations is going on?" on Farmers' Protest | Business Upturn

Mia Khalifa asks, “What in the human rights violations is going on?” on Farmers’ Protest


Lebanese-American media personality/Model Mia Khalifa, on Wednesday, took to Twitter extending support to the ongoing farmer agitation at the Delhi Borders.

She wrote, “What in the human rights violations is going on?! They cut the internet around New Delhi?! #FarmersProtest”


After American Rihanna’s tweet on farmer’s protest, many celebrities and social activists started talking about the situation.

In her next tweet, Mia Kahlifa wrote “Paid actors,” huh? Quite the casting director, I hope they’re not overlooked during awards season. I stand with the farmers. #FarmersProtest.


Farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have been protesting relentlessly at several Delhi borders since November demanding the repeal of the Centre’s major reforms to the three farm laws which were enacted in September 2020.

As of now, the Internet is shut at Delhi borders, electric and water supplies have been cut. Borders are sealed with barricading and heavy force deployment. Media and public entry is restricted at Delhi borders.

Ministry of External Affairs has slammed Rihanna’s and Greta Thunberg’s tweets via issuing a statement. The statement mentions, “It is unfortunate to see vested interest groups trying to enforce their agenda on these protests, and derail them.”