Zerobaseone band to make their debut in July this year – Know more

The upcoming Korean band Zerobaseone is all set to make its debut in July 2023. The group is formed through this year’s reality show Boys Planet. The announcement regarding their first performance was made by the agency Wake One, as per Spot TV news. Also, it has been known that the overall schedule will be disclosed once the information is confirmed.


The band is comprised of 9 members, which also includes the winner of the reality show Jang Hao and others singers such as Seong Hanbin, Seok Matthew, Park Gunuk, Ricky, Kim Kyubin, Kim Taerae, Kim Jiwoong and Han Yujin. The name of the group has a thought-provoking significance to it, which interprets the beginning of the boy’s band who are born as zero and rose to come as one and are united. Zerobaseone tends to share its overall journey with the fans right from their initial stages. The group is abbreviated as ZB1, which will embark as a shipping name for the musical band.

Mnet’s reality show was aired from the 2nd of February to the 20th of April and had 98 contestants from all around the world participating in it, but mostly from Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.