Tomorrow X Together releases new music video for ‘Chasing that feeling’ and fans are loving it! WATCH

Tomorrow X Together released their album Name Chapter: FREEFALL, and their edgy music video impressed fans yet again!

On October 13, Tomorrow X Together released their album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. The long-awaited album is finally here, with 9 tunes. The trio teased with concept photos that revealed the direction of the songs and music video.

All of these hopes were realised when the band released an incredible hit, Chasing That Feeling, along with a well-suited music video.


Chasing That Feeling is the lead single from their new album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. All of the ideal pictures come together to form a fantastic music video. Tomorrow X Together is seen crashing on Earth. They end up in the sewer beneath the ground. They come upon orbs of energy that lead them to a sunlit earth. They gather their strength and climb to the earth.

As they follow the energy, the members split out and use different modes of transportation and routes. The music video contains effects similar to Inception, particularly moving stairs and bending roadways. The music is melodious, and the composition showcases the musicians’ abilities brilliantly. The dance sequence too gives catharsis as the boys finally reunite and perform together in the middle of the street.

Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai are members of Tomorrow X Together. They recently worked with t for Do It Like That and Brazilian musician Anitta for Back For More, and the song is included in their album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL.

They pre-released the song during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

Growing Pain, Back For More (TXT version), Dreamer, Deep Down, Happily Ever After, (Skipping Stones), Blue Spring, and Do It Like That are among the other tracks. The album follows on from their last release.TEMPTATION is the name of the chapter.