The 8 top highest-paid Korean actors and actresses 2021 from Lee Jong Suk to Bae Suzy and many more!!

Some big and promising Korean actors who are set to conquer our screens in 2022, it makes us wonder who will land on next year’s highest-paid actors’ list.


The Hallyu wave has been so contagious that Korean actors are famous not only in Korea but also throughout the entire world! We see their faces plastered all over subway walls, at award ceremonies, in magazines, and all over social media. Their faces are also on drinks and other merchandise. In short, we see these actors everywhere.

Korean dramas and movies that are airing next year are already making a buzz, what’s also making some noise are the actors starring in them. We think it’s worth trying to find out who will take a spot in 2022’s top-paid Korean actors and actresses list. We’ve based our predictions on upcoming projects and the actors’ current works and endorsements.

Kim So Hyun

Image source: Kim So Hyun’s Instagram

Will a young actress finally be part of the highest-paid Korean actresses list? Anything is possible especially when Kim So Hyun has been starring in many great dramas. From romantic dramas to historical ones, we’ve seen her in many genres. Her recent drama, Love Alarm, was a huge commercial success and ranked as one of Netflix’s top releases in 2019. The actress surely gained more recognition worldwide! The star is also set to continue the drama as Love Alarm was renewed for a second season. And other than Love Alarm 2, Kim So Hyun was also in The Moon Rising River. Kim So Hyun is always on our screens, and we hope all her hard work gets her to the official list.

Bae Doo Na

Image source- Pinterest

As one of the greatest actresses today, will Bae Doona land on next year’s top-paid Korean actresses? When it comes to acting, admit it or not, she is one of the first actresses that always comes to mind. It’s not a secret that she always slays every character. Bae Doona is gaining, even more, the zombie series Kingdom. popularity with to appear in the next instalment, which we are hoping to get very soon. Foreign or Korean films, we can surely count on Bae Doona to entertain us. Other than this, a powerful couple will land on our screens as the popular actress gets paired with Gong Yoo in the Sea of Silence. Bae Doona and Gong Yoo in a sci-fi drama? The wait was worth it as we got to witness this strong pairing.

Lee Jong Suk

Image source- Lee Jong Suk’s fan page

Lee Jong Suk left his fans for a while to serve in service in the military, but fame surely never left the actor as reports of a special appearance by him in the sequel of the film “The Witch” started circulating. And just recently, news of him and Song Hye Kyo starring in a drama got all K-drama fans hyped up. And remember, these things are happening all while he’s in the military. So, what more when he finally gets discharged and becomes more active through interviews and social media. This well-known actor has delivered us great dramas like Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio, and While You Were Sleeping. If news of Lee Jong Suk and Song Hye Kyo’s drama gets confirmed, can you just imagine the impact it will create? It would be Lee Jong Suk’s first drama after his military service and Song Hye Kyo’s first drama after her divorce. Shows, interviewers, endorsers, and many more will surely want first dibs on this potential on-screen couple.

Bae Suzy

Image source- Pinterest

Dream High, While You Were Sleeping, and Vagabond are hit dramas in which Bae Suzy stars. And she’s at it again with the drama, Start-Up. She’s not stopping there, the popular actress was set to star in the film with the big stars Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum. Guess who’s joining the movie too, it’s Choi Woo Shik! Bae Suzy was starred in a movie with such a high chance of becoming a massive hit. This brought her career to new heights.

Lee Min Ho

Image source- Lee Min Ho’s Instagram

Lee Min Ho is on our list because this heartthrob continuously steals the hearts of many. One of the most popular Korean actors known worldwide, this Boys Over Flowers star can live with the long list of endorsements he has without having to star in a drama again. So many brands have chosen him to be the face of their products or services. If it isn’t obvious enough, the product placements in The King: Eternal Monarch’s will make you realize the power this actor has. After his recent drama this year, what’s next for Lee Min Ho? Brand endorsements inside and outside Korea are surely part of the picture. While we wait for his next movie or drama, let’s all support his newly launched YouTube channel.

Park Shin Hye

Image source- Park Shin Hye’s Instagram

Whether it’s in a movie or a drama, Park Shin Hye is b k Shin Hye is appearing on our screens. Let’s face it, whatever Park Shin Hye touches turns into gold. Maybe that’s why she’s the first Korean celebrity to become Swarovski’s global ambassador. Kidding aside, it’s no secret that whatever Park Shin Hye stars in, the project is always making a buzz. She just has that special star power. Having brought us #Alive and The Call this year, Park Shin Hye will be starring in the upcoming drama, Sisyphus: The Myth in 2021. Her latest work on the small screen, which is Memories of the Alhambra, became a huge success, so we’re crossing our fingers that Sisyphus: The Myth will follow in its footsteps.

Yoo Ah In

Image source- Yoo Ah In’s fan page

A star who showed us his talent in bringing different characters to life, Yoo Ah-in’s growth in the entertainment industry has made him a popular choice in the world of acting. Whether on the big or small screen, Yoo Ah-in has always served us something every year. This actor has recently been appearing in more than one movie every year. You may know Yoo Ah-in from the hit drama Six Flying Dragons and the mystery-drama film, Burning. Due to his rise in excellent acting skills and rise in popularity, Yoo Ah-in was the first Korean actor to be selected for The New York Times’ “The Best Actors of 2018” list. Wondering where you’ve seen him this year? Yoo Ah-in starred in Voice of Silence and yes, he is the video gamer in the movie #Alive. We have seen this actor in the Netflix series, Hellbound, in 2021.

Hyun Bin

Image source- Hyun Bin’s fan page

Hit after hit, Hyun Bin has continuously wowed us all and become one of the most successful actors of today. From the popular classics My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden, Hyun Bin has not stopped hitting our dramas. His recent works just keep breaking records. In 2018, he starred in Memories of the Alhambra, which became one of the highest-rated Korean dramas on cable television. Well, here’s an even bigger surprise. Having just finished airing this year, Crash Landing on You created a huge impact in the K-drama world and became the third-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. I guess we can say that for the past years, it’s been raining money for Hyun Bin. In the works for a new project, the Crash Landing on You the star was in the film Bargaining.