Stray Kids’ ‘(5-STAR)’ breaks the record for the most pre-order album by a K-Pop

Stray Kids’ highly anticipated album 5-STAR has now exceeded 4.9 million stock pre-orders just days before its release.


Stray Kids’ third full-length album ‘5-STAR’ received 4.93 million pre-orders on May 30th. This is the most pre-orders for a K-pop album ever.


TRACK’, Stray Kids’ distinctive teaser content before to the release of the new album, features a section of the b-side melodies, exhibiting higher expectations in South Korea and globe by involving the greatest place on YouTube music video moving overall following its release.

Then, on May 29th and 30th, two music video teasers for the title song ‘S-Class’ were shown one after the other. This piqued international attention in ‘S-Class,’ Stray Kids’ first comeback single in 2023. ‘S-Class,’ the title track, adds newness and difficulties to Stray’s “unique and eccentric” attitude.

The mini-album ‘ODDINARY,’ which was released in March 2022, sold roughly 1,856,000 copies and established a million-sales streak. The album ‘MAXIDENT,’ which was released in October of the same year, sold around 3,421,700 copies. Stray Kids got a total deal of approximately 1,675,000 albums with their second standard collection ‘NOEASY’, delivered in August 2021, and converted into ‘1,000,000 sales’ (Million sales) after 3 years of debut.

In the preview, the magnificent visual splendour that dominates the ambiance captures attention. While Lee Know is encircled by an enigmatic group, the members of the gang carry out a “special” operation to end the situation. Indeed, even in a tense situation that causes your palms to sweat, faithful magnetism draws attention, and eventually the eight people gather in one place and focus. It piques people’s interest in the conclusion of Stray Kids’ spectacular activities.