Squid Game actor O Yeong-su is accused of molestation and is reported to face imprisonment

On Friday, February 2, 2024, Squid Game actor O Yeong-su began trial for a sexual misconduct lawsuit from 2017. The prosecution sought a one-year prison sentence for him.

O Yeong-su, 79, was charged in November 2022 with kissing and caressing an unnamed woman on the face without her consent during a two-month concert vacation to a rural location in August and September of 2017.


According to the Korea Times, prosecutors asked the court to bar the actor from working with children and teenagers and order the public publication of his personal details.

The hearings in Squid Game actor O Yeong-su’s case began on Friday at the Suwon District Court’s Seongnam branch.

The prosecutors claimed that in 2017, while drinking with the victim, the defendant (O Yeong-su) utilised a complicated way to express his desire to be young. Furthermore, in an attempt to influence and manipulate the victim while avoiding culpability, the actor said he texted his apologies when asked by the victim, claiming he did so because she was like a daughter to him.

The prosecutors stated, “The defendant expressed his lust for youth in a convoluted way while drinking with the victim in 2017. Even when texting his apology after being asked to by the victim, the actor claimed he did that because she was like a daughter to him in order to manipulate the victim and avoid taking accountability. Please hand down a strong sentence to the defendant who refuses to repent.” (as reported and translated by Koreaboo)

In his final speech, Squid Game’s O Yeong-su stated that his age makes it extremely difficult for him to appear in court. O Yeong-su stated that he feels vilified because this is how the final chapter of his life appears to end: in court. He stated that he feels like his entire life has crumbled. Following this, O Yeong-su pleaded with the court for a sensible ruling.

“It is so difficult for me to stand before the court at my age. I feel like my life has collapsed due to the fact that this is how I will end it. I ask you to make a wise ruling.” (as translated by Koreaboo)

There isn’t much further information known about the case or occurrence. Laws limit the release of court records, and the police have declined to divulge additional information about the accuser, citing their policy of concealing information about sex crime victims.

He has appeared in almost 200 plays since 1968 and received numerous awards, making him one of South Korea’s best theatre performers. After playing Oh Il-nam, the crafty elder rival, in Netflix’s breakout hit Squid Game, he rose to international stardom in 2021.

The court has scheduled the final or next hearing for the Squid Game actor on March 15, 2024. Furthermore, O Yeong-su’s lawyers have emphasised the lack of evidence against their client and asked the court to make a reasonable decision.