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SF9’s Dawon and Former X1 member Lee Eun Sang to play lead in ‘Part-Time Melo’

As per the recent reports of Drama Official, SF9 Dawon and Lee Eun Sang, who is a former member of X1 will take up the roles of Tak Seon-ho and Kang Ha Won respectively in ‘Part-Time Melo’.

As per the report of drama official published on 30th, Sf9’s Dawon will be seen essaying the role of Tak Seon-ho in the web drama ‘Part-Time Melo’. In the web drama, he has a good appearance and a happy-go-lucky personality. Tak Seon-ho is delicate and has a good memory, but he uses his intelligence to tease others. On the other hand, Lee Eun Sang will be seen taking up the role of Kang Ha Won, the main character’s main weapon is manipulating emotions. He may lack knowledge, but he certainly knows how to impress the ladies. He is the youngest of the group and takes advantage of this to get whatever he wants.

‘Part-time Melo is a web drama set in a restaurant where people with the worst chemistry gather and become friends, including ‘A secretive girl who wants to ride off of others,’ ‘A complete and absolute flirt,’ ‘A girl with a lot of knowledge,’ and ‘The youngest of the lot who is sensitive but knows how to toy with other people’s emotions,’ via Pinkvilla.

The web drama ‘Part-time Melo’ is the sequel to the web drama ‘Single & Ready to Mingle,’ which was popular with the ‘Sampo Generation,’ a group of young South Koreans who do not believe in courtship, marriage, or having children. It is a KT Seezn original and will be available on Seezn in the second half of 2021.

Meanwhile, SF9 Dawon was last seen playing Tak Seon-kyung in tvN’s ‘Doom At Your Service’ and with SF9he also finished their ninth mini-album activity with the title track ‘Teardrop’. On the other hand, post the disbandment of X1 Lee Eung Sang went ahead to become a solo artist and his first album titled ‘Beautiful Scar’ was released in August 2020. Speaking of his acting career he last appeared in the web drama ‘Let Me Off the Earth’.