Revolver first look unveiled with Jeon Do Yeon chasing Ji Chang Wook in an ugly face off

Ji Chang Wook has been winning hearts with his irresistible appeal since his Healer days and is now back with a movie. He was last seen in rom- com and will now seen in an action thriller.

Plus, M Entertainment has unveiled its first look from Chang Wook’s Revolver’s first look. It an upcoming action thriller starring Ji Chang Wook as Andy, Jeon Do Yeon as Ha Soo Young, and Lim Ji Yeon as Jung Yoon Sun. The three actors will be embracing their dark side in the movie.


The first look of Revolver depicts Do Yeon’s character as a badass fighter who fires gun without even batting an eye. Running against time to confront Andy, who has apparently taken something from her.

Meanwhile, Andy turns devilish as he faces Ha Soo Young and can be seen throwing punches at her and smiling evilly with his disheveled hair.

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon’s character Jung Yoon Sun is of a mysterious woman, who meets Ha Soo Young, when the latter is released from jail. She was imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. In the first look, Ji Yeon can be seen flashing her iconic slick smile, which hints that her character has many secrets.