Penthouse 3 added a racist character, International fans are outraged

One of the most popular K-drama Penthouse 3 was aired this month, it is a highly anticipated series by the fans, however, international fans don’t look happy with a certain character who is claimed to be racist

International viewers are upset at K-Drama “Penthouse”’s racist portrayal of a new character, Penthouse 3 has made some whirl with their latest episode where they introduced a new character who is from the states. he appeared in dreads and had an accent that seems to be from African American Vernacular English


As the character itself is offensive, fans targeted the actor Park Eun Seok who is playing Gu Hodong as he lived in New York for 15 years before he moved back to South Korea

Fans are outraged and one fan tweeted “There’s a reason why black people are protective of our hairstyles, our slangs, our culture and our people. because at the end of the day no matter how much we might love other cultures, this is how we’re represented, this is what they see us as #boycottpenthouse #SBSwhy” Here are some of the tweets

Fans were even more disappointed when they realized that the cast previously participated in a campaign that stood against racism.