Park Bogum, BLACKPINK Lisa, and Taehyung from BTS will be present at a CELINE event in France for the third time

The Paris Fashion Week event in June 2022 was a star-studded occasion for designer Hedi Slimane, who also serves as the company’s creative director, as three of the most important figures in the Hallyu industry were his special guests. Actor Park Bo Gum and BLACKPINK member Lisa were the obvious choices for official brand advocates back then.

However, the Parisian crowd was present for BTS member V’s first public appearance at a Celine event. They crowded in close proximity to the three, who sparkled in eccentric performances that heightened their attractiveness. This was most likely the clearest sign that V had joined the clientele of the exclusive brand.


The BTS V, BLACKPINK Lisa, and Park Bogum trio will once again be seen together for the third time at the CELINE event in France, according to a recent tweet by Viral Takes on Twitter.

The trio was observed before at the same event last month, and photos from the occasion have since emerged, showing the three of them back together and posing enthusiastically. Brand spokesperson V chose a long jacket and jeans, while Global brand ambassador Lisa wore a two-piece skirt and blazer ensemble. Bogum, though, went an opposite direction and wore shorts and a leather jacket.