Lee Junho, Kim Byung Chul, Kim Hye Joon, and Kim Hyang Gi confirmed for upcoming Netflix drama Cashero

Netflix’s upcoming drama Cashero has confirmed its star cast.

The series, which is based on webtoon of the same name, is a superhero series that follows the story of a common government employee Kang Sang Woong, played by Lee Junho, who earns the superpower of gaining as much strength as the cash he holds. This makes him empty his wallet to save the world.


The upcoming drama will be directed by Lee Chang Min, who is popularly known for helming Agency and Welcome To Waikiki. The show will be written by Lee Jee In and Cheon Chan Ho, who is known for penning Sisyphus: The Myth.

The series will feature Lee Junho portraying the superhero Kang Sang Woong, who is troubling as he loses his money as he loses away his ability.

Apart from him, the show will also feature Kim Hye Joon, who has wowed the audience with Kingdom, A Shop For Killers, and Inspector Koo, as Kang Sang Woong’s longtime girlfriend Kim Min Sook. She has a unique talent for numbers, busting out calculators at the sight of her boyfriend’s unbelievable abilities.

The Descendants of the Sun actor Kim Byung Chul will be playing the role of Byun Ho In, a lawyer whose supernatural abilities are activated when he drink. Post recognizing Kang Sang Woong’s abilities, he suggests him to work together to save the world.

The show also features Along with the Gods actor Kim Hyang Gi as Bang Eun Mi, whose supernatural powers are hidden in her calorie intake. She acts as an reliable peer to Kang Sang Woong and Byun Ho In.