Lee Jun-ho and YoonA of ‘King The Land’ shut down dating rumours

Just a few weeks into the streaming of the Korean drama ‘King The Land,’ the chemistry between the lead actors, Lee Junho and YoonA, has captured the hearts of fans. Speculation has emerged that their onscreen romance might have translated into offscreen affection as well. Korean news portals have recently reported that Junho and YoonA were already in a romantic relationship before they began shooting for the heartwarming K-drama.

Currently, both agencies, SM Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, have refuted the dating rumors. SM Entertainment, representing YoonA stated,  ‘The two are just close and the dating rumors and not true” JYP Entertainment, representing Lee Junho, clarified that ” The two are close but upon checking ( with Lee Junho’) the dating rumors are groundless’ .



King the Land” has soared into the ranks of JTBC drama’s top 10 shows, delivering a captivating storyline about a wealthy chaebol heir and his cheerful employee. Their paths intertwine amidst a series of complex and unexpected events, leading them into a passionate and intoxicating romance. The drama skillfully explores the influence of twisted circumstances and the role of fate in their journey of love. With the employee’s ever-present smile and the chaebol’s intriguing persona, their relationship becomes an enchanting tale filled with twists, turns, and the undeniable power of destiny. Chaebol heir and his cheerful employee. their love blossoms amidst intriguing turns of events and the intricacies of fate.

Lee Junho, a member of 2 PM, and Im YoonA, a member of Girls’ Generation, both debuted around the same time and have shared a long-standing friendship. During a recent press conference, YoonA expressed her joy about collaborating with Junho she said , “It’s our first time working on an acting project together. I’m so happy that I’m working with Junho, whom I’ve known professionally since we were young. There were moments when we could comfortably look back on those days and talk about our experiences”.