K-pop icon Park Bo Ram passes away at the age of 30- Check details here

Korean pop singer Park Bo Ram took her last breath on the 11th of April. She was famous for her music and was a beloved icon for her fans. Her sudden death has sent shock waves for the entire Korean music industry. The news about her death was confirmed by her agency. However, the reason behind her demise remains unknown.

Park Bo Ram was a versatile singer and was going to complete 10 years in the music industry this year. To commemorate this event, she was also planning on releasing new songs. Park Bo Ram was 30 years old and passed away on the night of April 11th. The Namyangju police have filed the report and stated that the singer was at a private party before her demise.


The police stated that she was with her two friends and they were reportedly drinking. Around 9:55 pm, she said that she wanted to go to the washroom and excused herself. However, when she didn’t return after quite some time. Her friends decided to check on her and went to the washroom. There was “found slouched over the sink, unconscious,” as reported by AllKPop.

The singer’s friends called an ambulance and even performed CPR on her. Later, she was taken to Hanyang University Guri Hospital, where she was confirmed to be dead. The event has created a major drawback and disheartenment for the singer’s fans.

Park Bo Ram made her debut in 2014 with her song Beautiful. Before that, she even appeared in SuperStar K2, which made her popular among the masses. Park Bo went on to create impressive music with songs such as Sorry, Celepretty, Pretty Bae, and Dynamic Love. In April, she released her new song “I Miss You.” She was also going to release her 10th-anniversary album in the summer of this year.