Jungkook reportedly taken up role of cook during his military enlistment

Jungkook, the youngest member of South Korean BTS boy band known for his breathtaking musical style and striking visuals, is currently serving his mandatory military enlistment. As per the latest update, Jungkook might be serving as a cook during his military service.

As per the reports by Yonhap News, the artist, enlisted in the 5th Division of the South Korean Army on December 12, 2023, with his bandmate Jimin has now taken up the role of cook in the military. The transition from base to kitchen does not surprise the fans as Jungkook’s culinary skills are already well known.


Long before his enlistment in the army, Jungkook has been showing off his cooking skills in his lives, for his bandmates in their shows and more. He has prepared Perilla oil makguksu, pasta, and more during his life, and his recipes have always received love from not just fans, but also chefs.