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Jimin’s solo album ‘FACE’ breaks records: Hits 1 billion Spotify streams to become fastest K-Pop soloist

BTS’ Jimin continues to mark his name in the annals of music history with his sensational solo album, “FACE.” Since its launch, the album has been rewriting records, and its latest achievement is nothing short of extraordinary: “FACE” has officially become the fastest K-pop soloist’s album to amass over one billion streams on the renowned music platform, Spotify.

Park Jimin, a prominent figure in the globally acclaimed K-pop ensemble BTS, embarked on his solo journey on March 24, 2023, with the release of his much-anticipated album, “FACE,” featuring the compelling title track, “Like Crazy.” From that moment, Jimin’s trajectory was one of unparalleled success.


His solo debut shattered records as he soared to the summit of Billboard’s Hot 100 and Artist 100 charts—a historic accomplishment that had never been achieved by a K-pop soloist before. Beyond this, he etched his name in the record books by being the first among BTS’ individual endeavors to dominate these charts, simultaneously making a remarkable appearance in the top two ranks of the Billboard 200 chart.

The success of “Like Crazy” was equally unprecedented. The track’s resonance with audiences allowed it to maintain a presence on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for five consecutive weeks, breaking the record for the longest-charting Korean solo song on this prestigious chart. Its popularity knew no bounds as it raced to accumulate over 300 million streams on Spotify within an astonishing 104 days.  Notably, it became the sole K-pop solo track to hold its position within the Top 50 Global Daily Songs Chart for an impressive span of over 100 days.

With every milestone achieved, Jimin’s solo album continued to redefine success. On July 13, his album achieved yet another landmark, securing the title of the most streamed album by a Korean solo artist on Spotify, accomplishing this feat within a mere 110 days. The saga of achievement didn’t stop there, as “FACE” powered through barriers once again, crossing the unprecedented threshold of one billion streams on Spotify.

Jimin’s journey has been one of consistent excellence since the release of “FACE.” His influence and impact are tangible, as he remains an active force in the music scene. Recent glimpses of him unboxing fellow BTS member J-Hope’s album, “Jack in the Box (Hope Edition),” reinforce his camaraderie and presence within the group. Adding to his roster of accomplishments, Jimin secured the coveted second spot in the August Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Ranking.