Jaehyun being considered for upcoming drama I Believe You

Jaehyun of NCT has reportedly been casted for a new series’ lead character. The show has been titled I Believe You, and it chronicles around power struggle between poor and the weak. Although there have been no confirmation regarding the role, the actor is being strongly considered for it. He will be playing the lead character in the project and will be fighting those who put him down. The production team is eager to get Jaehyun on board as they think, he is the perfect for the part.

The plot of the show is set on a profound journey of awakening wherein the weak will realise their inner strength and challenge and triumph over the forces of adversity and dominance. The actor has been given the opportunity to play the character named Soo Il Nam, who is victim affected by school violence.


As per the reports, the K-drama pop star is deliberating onto accepting the role.