Is BTS leader Kim Namjoon preparing for a new album before military enlistment? – Read

The leader of K-pop boy band BTS, Kim Namjoon is making the headlines yet again with a new viral video. A video has gone viral on social media recently where RM is seen in a studio recording for a song. The authenticity of the circulated video isn’t confirmed yet by the artist or by his agency. But if the video isn’t spurious then we can expect for an album from the leader.

In the viral video Namjoon is seen recording in a studio and another person is also presentin the studio along with him. The video was shot from background where RM is visible sitting behind the glass wall and totally indulged recording the song. He is seen wearing Grey colored comfy t-shirt and pant and a headphone while recording. The studio were he is recording is full of recording equipments here and there.

Currently BTS member Jin and J-Hope have enlisted in military and full filling their duty. Both the members had released solo songs before they enlisted fir the duty as Jin released his solo Astronaut where as J-Hope released On The Street as the gift to ARMY’s till he returns back.

If this trend is going to be followed then we can expect Namjoon to release a song before his enlistment. As earlier this month RM penned a long note mentioning the uncertain future. So if we try to connect the dots logically then it can be said that this can be RM’S last album before the leader enlist in military.