Here’s a list of Blackpink’s 10 moments that will make you LOL and make your heart melt !

BLACKPINK House, the reality show that gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at our favorite K-pop queens’ lives, was a treasure mine of emotional and humorous moments. From their silly pranks to their real devotion to one another, BLACKPINK has proven to be more than simply global superstars – they’re a group of cute besties. Here are ten show moments that will melt your heart and make you laugh uncontrollably.

1) Jennie’s Backhug Surprise


BLACKPINK's Jisoo And Jennie Turned Their Kitchen Into A K-Drama Set With Their Impromptu Skinship - Koreaboo

Remember the touching scene in which Jennie surprised Jisoo with a backhug while she was reading? Jisoo’s sheer joy, followed by their infectious laughing, was enough to make anyone’s heart swell with sisterly love.

2) Lisa’s “Aegyo Masterclass”

Lisa's aegyo is | Celebrities, Lalisa manoban, Blackpink lisa

Who can stand up to Lisa’s renowned aegyo? Her attempts to entice the cashier with her charming whines and puppy looks were definitely cute, even if they failed. Bonus points for Rose’s equally amusing impersonation!

3) Jisoo vs. Lisa’s Eating Expressions

🖤💖 on X: "jisoo and lisa eating thai food, going shopping, getting dessert, and taking a walk in the park. best date. @BLACKPINK" / X
With their opposing reactions to food, this renowned team never failed to entertain. Jisoo’s refined eats and wide-eyed surprise contrasted sharply with Lisa’s eager chewing and expressive features. It just goes to show how simple activities like eating may provide limitless entertainment for BLACKPINK.

4) The Puppy Pile-Up

BLACKPINK's Rosé Video Chats Her Dog Hank, And His Hilarious Response To Her Is Just Too Sassy - Koreaboo
The charming dog pile-up scene demonstrated BLACKPINK’s affection for their four-legged buddies. The girls snuggling and playing with the gorgeous puppies were adorable overload. Who knew international superstars could be so effortlessly cute with a few fuzzy friends?

5) Rose’s Aquarium Adventure
blackpink rose | park chaeyoung
It was a thrill to see Rosé’s youthful wonder and true awe as she explored the aquarium. Her interactions with the sea fauna, which ranged from playful dolphins to majestic rays, were both heartwarming and enthralling.

6) The Pajama Dance Party
𝐽𝐽 on X: "Jisoo and Jennie for pajama party 🤍 @BLACKPINK" / X
Let’s face it: who doesn’t enjoy a nice pyjama dance party? BLACKPINK’s impromptu jam session in their PJs was pure entertainment. Their silly dance routines and infectious laughs reminded us that even the coolest K-pop singers know how to have fun.

7) The Karaoke Showdown

Watch BLACKPINK Perform Hits on 'Carpool Karaoke' | Hypebeast
Remember the epic karaoke duel between the members of BLACKPINK? Their versions of iconic Korean songs, replete with playful taunting and air guitar solos, were entertaining and revealed their hidden voice talents (as well as their dubious musical choice!).

8) The Unexpected Camping Trip
Just Camping (Chaesoo fanfic)✓ - Blackpinkshipsxoxo - Wattpad
Who wouldn’t be delighted by BLACKPINK’s inept tent-erecting attempts? Their difficulties following directions and funny accidents demonstrated that even the most talented idols are, after all, human. But their cooperation and patience eventually paid off, resulting in a pleasant camping trip.

9) The Emotional Farewell
No Contract in Sight❗The End of Born Pink Era with an Emotional Farewell Goodbye in Seoul #YG - YouTube
BLACKPINK House’s final episode was heartbreaking. The girls’ expressions of gratitude for each other and their BLINKs were a heartwarming reminder of their deep friendship. Their honest feelings demonstrated that, despite their international celebrity, they prioritize their relationship above all else.

10) The Enduring Legacy

3 Times Blackpink Has Proven They are K-Pop Royalty — Art+ Magazine
BLACKPINK House gave us a look inside the characteristics that make BLACKPINK so beloved, from their hilarious pranks to their sincere support for one another. These moments not only solidified their standing as talented entertainers but also made them personable and lovable to audiences.

So, the next time you need a taste of cuteness and laughter, go back and watch these memorable moments from BLACKPINK House. You’ll leave with a smile on your face and a fresh appreciation for these four incredible K-pop queens.