Han So Hee reveals her new lip piercing, netizens call her ‘Female Jungkook’

Han So Hee, an actress, revealed her new look on Instagram, where she flaunted her lip piercings and posted a close-up photo of her face. Netizens immediately confused her for BTS singer Jungkook after seeing the photo.

Han So Hee, a South Korean actress, went viral after sharing a new shot of her double lip piercing. On Monday, the 28-year-old actress posted a close-up photo of her face on Instagram to show off her five face piercings.

Fans quickly compared the image to BTS singer Jungkook, who has identical lip piercings. Han appeared in Jungkook’s song video Seven earlier this year.


Han’s post had a series of pictures where along with the piercing she updated her fans on what her previous days looked like.

The My Name actress has five piercings on her face, three on her lips, and two under her eyes. When asked about her fascination for piercings she said, “My skin is very thin so it hurt when I pierced my lips. Piercings on the cheek are less painful and I can take the piercings off when I work. I got piercings because I had never done that before. If the piercings are helpful for my work, I’m thinking about not taking them off”.

Netizens praised Han’s new look and shared their thoughts in the comments space. One commenter observed, “She’s a female Jungkook,” while another stated that Han’s fashion game was always on point even before she emerged as an actress. Many people confused her for Jungkook.

On the work front, Han has to finish the shoot for her next horror series Gyeongseong Creature and will take a break after the K-drama is finished. The actress was diagnosed with Covid-19 earlier this month and is currently recovering.