From Vogue Korea to Cosmopolitan , here’s a list of Blackpink’s 7 most Iconic magazine covers that set fashion trends !

Blackpink stands out as a blazing beacon of style and trendsetting in the dynamic world of K-pop, where music and fashion mix. Blackpink, which consists of four bright and charismatic members – Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa – has not only dominated the music charts but has also become a powerful force in the fashion world. The trio has adorned several magazine covers with their excellent sense of style and flare, leaving an unforgettable stamp on the fashion landscape.

Let’s take a look at Blackpink’s 7 most memorable magazine covers, which have not only won fans’ hearts but also set fashion trends ablaze.


1) Vogue Korea

BLACKPINK illuminate the various covers of VOGUE Korea magazine | allkpop
Blackpink’s first Vogue Korea cover proved their growing global impact. The members came with refinement, dressed in exquisite couture and mixing elegance with a modern edge. The cover not only highlighted each member’s uniqueness but also predicted the group’s impending effect on the fashion industry.

2) Elle Korea

Blackpink's Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo on First Full Album and Global Fame
Blackpink was featured on the cover of Elle Korea in a fascinating cover that emanated effortless chic. The members effortlessly pulled off a style that connected with fans all across the world by combining high fashion with informal elements. This cover exemplified the group’s ability to merge varied styles while remaining quietly cool.

3) Harper’s Bazaar

BLACKPINK's Lisa goes glam for Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong April 2022
Blackpink’s entry into worldwide fashion dominance was acknowledged by Harper’s Bazaar. The band was portrayed as an international-style icon on the cover, which was shot against prominent cityscapes. Blackpink’s ability to bridge cultural divides and define worldwide fashion norms was symbolized by the combination of Eastern and Western influences in their outfit.

4) Marie Claire

BLACKPINK | MARIE CLAIRE | Blackpink, Blackpink photos, Blackpink fashion
Marie Claire nailed Blackpink’s silly side with a cover that radiated young enthusiasm and sophistication. The members, dressed in vivid and eclectic ensembles, demonstrated their adaptability and eagerness to experiment with fashion, motivating a new generation of fashion fans to embrace their style.

5) W Korea

BLACKPINK Rosé for W Korea Magazine May 2021 Issue | kpopping
W Korea’s avant-garde cover starring Blackpink challenged conventional fashion. The group demonstrated their brazen approach to style with bold clothes, inventive cosmetics, and stunning poses. This cover had an indelible impression on the industry, sparking a wave of experimentation and originality.

6) InStyle

BLACKPINK Jisoo for Instyle Korea December Issue #블랙핑크 #JISOO #BLACKPINK | Blackpink jisoo, Blackpink fashion, Instyle magazine

The cover of InStyle embraced a boho look, demonstrating Blackpink’s ability to master multiple fashion genres. The members seamlessly projected a free-spirited vibe while dressed in boho-chic costumes, setting the stage for a return of bohemian influences in the fashion world.

7) Cosmopolitan

BLACKPINK For The New Cover Cosmopolitan Magazine August Issue | 블랙핑크, 코스모폴리탄, 슬립 드레스
Blackpink’s Cosmopolitan cover concludes our voyage, where the quintet embraces trendsetting style with a youthful edge. The cover represented the current zeitgeist, with the band shown as fashion visionaries leading the charge in dictating trends rather than simply following them.