From RM to Jooheon , here’s a list of top 5 K-pop Idols who excelled on rap competition shows

Talent has no limitations in the bright and dynamic world of K-pop. K-pop celebrities demonstrate a vast spectrum of skills that captivate audiences globally, from powerful voices to mesmerizing dance techniques. Rap is one facet that is gaining popularity, and what better venue to observe the skill of these heroes than on rap competition shows?

Let’s take a look at 5 K-pop idols who not only competed but excelled in rap competition shows, leaving a lasting impression on the industry.



1) RM (BTS)
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RM, the charismatic leader of global hit BTS, kicks off our journey. Before he became the face of K-pop around the world, RM competed in the underground rap competition “Bulhandang” in 2010, displaying his lyrical virtuosity and mesmerizing stage presence. Today, RM’s rap verses continue to boost BTS’s directory, demonstrating that his rap skills were only the beginning of an amazing career.


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The incomparable Lisa from BLACKPINK is up next on our list. Lisa debuted her rap skills on the Thai rap competition show “Hustle” long before she became the dance icon and fashion establishment that fans adore. Her razor-sharp flow and unmistakable personality captivated fans and industry insiders alike, paving the way for her ascension to stardom as BLACKPINK’s main rapper.

3-4) Show Me the Money Alums- Bobby (iKON) and Han (Stray Kids)

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The Korean rap competition show “Show Me the Money” has produced some of the most talented rap artists in the K-pop business. Bobby of iKON and Han of Stray Kids both rose to prominence as a result of their outstanding performances on the show. Bobby, the Season 3 champion, integrates his harsh approach with iKON’s music perfectly, while Han, a Season 8 finalist, continues to surprise with his diversified rap talents and passionate stage presence.

5) Jooheon (MONSTA X)

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Jooheon of MONSTA X rose to prominence thanks to his rapid-fire delivery and flawless flow on the survival show “No.Mercy.” His greatest performances demonstrated not only his technical brilliance but also his ability to inject passion into his rap rhymes. Jooheon’s rise from contestant to an important member of MONSTA X shows the influence that rap competition shows may have on an artist’s career.