From “Mr. Ambiguous” to “HIP” , here’ s a list of top 7 songs of MAMAMOO that broke the internet!

One group has continually seized the spotlight with their strong vocals and captivating personality in the dynamic world of K-pop, where melodies meet mesmerizing images – none other than the amazing MAMAMOO! This South Korean girl group, comprised of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa, has not only dominated the charts but has also broken the internet with their chart-topping hits.

Today, let’s take a joyful stroll down memory lane and revisit MAMAMOO’s top 7 songs, which not only broke the internet but also carved a special place in the hearts of fans all over the world.


1) “Mr. Ambiguous”

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The first song on our list is “Mr. Ambiguous,” which introduced MAMAMOO to the world. This funky and soulful track, released in 2014, displayed the group’s excellent vocal skills and spectacular stage presence. The catchy melody and energetic tempo rapidly captured the internet, launching MAMAMOO on her path to global stardom.

2) “Piano Man”
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Following that is the jazzy and soulful “Piano Man.” This song, released in 2014, not only demonstrated MAMAMOO’s vocal range diversity but also their ability to flawlessly merge numerous musical styles. The engaging storyline in the lyrics, combined with the group’s charismatic performance, made “Piano Man” an internet success, gaining them a legion of devoted admirers.

3) “Um Oh Ah Yeh”
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MAMAMOO struck gold again in 2015 with “Um Oh Ah Yeh.” Fans were dancing to the infectious sounds of this peppy and retro-inspired track, which also showcased the group’s signature harmonies and funny personalities. MAMAMOO’s vocal prowess and the song’s infectious chorus received widespread acclaim.

4) “You’re the Best”

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As we progress through MAMAMOO’s career, we come across the inspiring ballad “You’re the Best.” This track, which was released in 2016, not only dominated music charts but also swept the internet by storm. The song’s uplifting message, coupled with MAMAMOO’s sassy and confident delivery, reinforced their standing as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop landscape.

5) “Decalcomanie”

Decalcomanie: Mamamoo: Music}
“Décalcomanie” deviated from MAMAMOO’s normal approach, adopting a darker and sultrier theme. The song’s mystery feels and the group’s appealing images captured the internet when it was released in 2016. MAMAMOO’s ability to seamlessly transition across genres while retaining their unique sound demonstrated their artistic diversity, gaining them significant awards.

6) “Starry Night”
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When it was released in 2018, “Starry Night” moved into the realm of ethereal beauty and became an instant classic. The song’s dreamy atmosphere, combined with MAMAMOO’s magnificent vocals, resulted in a masterpiece that resonated not only with fans but also across the internet. The song’s mesmerizing graphics and beautiful lyrics have left an unforgettable impression on K-pop history.

7) “HIP”
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Our list comes to a close with the 2019 smash “HIP.” With its catchy chorus and daring lyrics, this anthem of self-love and empowerment became a cultural sensation, inspiring followers all over the world. MAMAMOO’s bold attitude and infectious energy in “HIP” rocked the internet and cemented their image as K-pop industry trendsetters.