From MAMA” to “Obsession” , here’s a list of EXO’s Top 7 mind-blowing concept comebacks that kept fans thrived

Few groups have captivated the worldwide public with the same level of class and creativity as EXO in the dynamic world of K-pop. EXO has continually pushed the frontiers of musical innovation, because of their outstanding abilities, perfect vocals, and mesmerizing performances. However, it is their mind-blowing idea comebacks that distinguish them.

Join us on a journey through EXO’s top 7 concept comebacks, which not only demonstrated their flexibility but also left fans guessing, anticipating, and thrilled.


1) “MAMA” (2012)
Exo: Mama (2012)
EXO debuted with their debut single “MAMA,” delivering a concept that was simply out of this world. EXO pitched themselves as extraterrestrial beings with superpowers with a celestial theme and a sci-fi narrative, catching fans’ imaginations from the start.

2) “Wolf” (2013)
EXO sees roaring success with 'Wolf'
EXO’s “Wolf” comeback displayed a wild and untamed concept, taking a brave step into the worlds of fantasy and mythology. Fans were both intrigued and awed as the members turned into mythological creatures, unleashing their inner wolves in a visually striking and dramatic manner.

3) “Overdose” (2014)
Exo: Overdose (2014)

“Overdose” deviated from the magical elements, and instead focused on a clean and refined approach. The accuracy of their movement and the precise aesthetics created a sense of control and intensity, demonstrating that EXO could master any notion thrown at them.

4) “Call Me Baby” (2015)
Exo: Call Me Baby (2015)

With “Call Me Baby,” EXO shifted gears yet again, opting for a stylish urban theme. The group’s ability to effortlessly accept multiple styles while maintaining an appealing appeal was illustrated by the charismatic and suave imagery, mixed with captivating sounds.

5) “Monster” (2016)
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In “Monster,” EXO explored the darker edge of their musical range. The concept highlighted the complexity of human nature through vivid graphics and a compelling theme, revealing a mature and edgier side of the group that resonated emotionally with fans.

6) “Ko Ko Bop” (2017)
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EXO stunned fans with the laid-back and tropical atmosphere of “Ko Ko Bop,” a departure from the norm. The concept was a welcome shift, as the group embraced a casual and summery vibe, demonstrating their capacity to adapt to various musical environments.

7) “Obsession” (2019)

EXO taps into inner darkness with 'Obsession'
EXO’s return with “Obsession” marked a return to a more intense and unclear idea. Fans were left in awe of the sophisticated storyline and fascinating visual features that distinguished this era as the members represented doppelgangers and explored a dystopian tale.