From “Just Right” to “Encore”, here’s a list of top 7 songs of GOT7 that broke the internet!

Few groups have captured the hearts of worldwide audiences quite like GOT7 in the dynamic world of K-pop. This seven-member boy band has continually created a lasting impression on the music landscape with its addictive tunes, mesmerizing choreography, and captivating charisma.

Today, we’ll go through the internet-breaking hits that have established GOT7’s place as one of the industry’s hottest performers.


1) “Just Right” (2015)
GOT7's “Just Right” Becomes Their 1st MV To Hit 350 Million Views | Soompi

GOT7 made its debut with the feel-good song “Just Right,” which not only displayed the group’s vocal prowess but also provided a body-positive message. The colorful music video, which included miniature copies of the band, quickly went viral, igniting a surge of online discussions about self-acceptance and love.

2) “Hard Carry” (2016)
POWERFUL" GOT7 (New Seven) - Hard Carry (Hard Carry) @ Popular Inkigayo 20161009 - YouTube

“Hard Carry” highlighted GOT7’s more intense and edgy side, impressing both fans and newcomers with the group’s diversity. The dynamic choreography and catchy melody quickly became an internet sensation, with admirers from all over the world seeking to duplicate the classic dance steps via numerous social media challenges.

3) “Never Ever” (2017)
Watch: GOT7 Reveals Striking First Look At “Never Ever” MV And New Group Photos | Soompi

“Never Ever” grabbed listeners worldwide with its passionate vocals and visually gorgeous music video. The song’s sophisticated composition and emotional depth struck a chord with fans, who expressed their respect for GOT7’s maturity and evolution as artists on social media.

4) “Look” (2018)
Song Review: GOT7 – Look | The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion

“Look” marked a change in GOT7’s music, embracing a more mature and refined sound. The music video’s sleek visuals and sophisticated choreography gained global notice, generating a buzz that echoed throughout social media channels and cementing GOT7’s status as an industry trendsetter.

5) “Lullaby” (2018)
Song Review: GOT7 – Lullaby | The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion

With versions in four languages, “Lullaby” demonstrated GOT7’s global appeal. The song’s transmissible rhythm and the group’s soft vocals won over admirers all over the world, resulting in a significant online presence as fans posted their favorite interpretations and dance covers.

6) “Not By The Moon” (2020)
Not By The Moon - HOT 100 KPOP SONGS RANKING 2020 (Close: Nov. 30)

GOT7 released “Not By The Moon,” a dramatic and visually spectacular single that went viral in 2020. Fans were captivated by the song’s luxurious orchestration and cinematic music video, creating a wave of online discussions and trending hashtags as the group proceeded to leave an everlasting impact on the worldwide music landscape.

7) “Encore” (2021)
Got7, 'Encore': Song You Need to Know

As GOT7 approached their seventh year together, they gave their fans “Encore.” The song became an internet sensation due to its passionate lyrics and the emotional weight of the band potentially parting ways. Fans flooded social media with expressions of love and gratitude, demonstrating GOT7’s close relationship with their devoted global fans, known as “Ahgase.”