From Jisoo’s dolphin laugh to Blackpink’s bond , here’s a list of Blackpink’s Top 7 cute and funny moments!

Blackpink is much more than a K-pop group. They are a bunch of talented, humorous, and adorable girls who have won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.
Blackpink is one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world, and they’re known for more than just their incredible music and ability. They’re also recognized for their outgoing and eccentric personalities. Here are 7 of their sweetest and most amusing moments.

1) Jisoo’s dolphin laugh
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Jisoo is Blackpink’s oldest member, however, she often acts like the youngest. She’s famous for her contagious laugh, which has been likened to the sound of a dolphin. Her giggle is so contagious that you can’t help but smile when you hear it.


2) Jennie’s aegyo
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Jennie is a member of Blackpink most identified with aegyo, which is a Korean phrase for acting nice. She’s an aegyo master, and her large eyes and pouty lips can melt anyone’s heart.

3) Rose’s gummy smile
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Rose is well-known for her lovely voice and kind personality. She also has a lovely gummy smile that will make you smile.

4) Lisa’s dancing skills

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Lisa is Blackpink’s main dancer, and she is quite talented. She can make any dance move look effortless, and she always dances with a smile on her face.

5) Blackpink’s love for food
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Members of Blackpink aren’t hesitant to say that they enjoy eating. They’ve been caught eating on camera during interviews and even music videos. Their obsession with eating is adorable and understandable.

6) Blackpink’s dorky side
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Blackpink are global superstars, but they’re also just a group of girls who enjoy themselves. They aren’t scared to be silly and dorky, which makes them so relatable.

7) Blackpink’s bond
BLACKPINK Opens Up About Their Friendship And Becoming "Like Family"
The most crucial aspect of Blackpink is their friendship. They’re like sisters, and they always look out for one another. Their bond is both pleasant and uplifting.