From ‘Jin’s huge shoulders” to “Jungkook’s Note fall”, here’s a list of top 7 BTS meme-worthy moments .

Hold on to your hats, K-pop and meme fans! Today, we’re diving into the world of humor to reveal the top 7 meme-worthy moments from none other than BTS, the explosive global phenomenon. BTS has given us an abundance of laugh-out-loud moments that have taken the internet by storm, not just for their chart-topping tunes and mesmerizing performances, but also for their charming personalities.

Prepare to laugh, snicker, and even snort as we look at the 7 situations that had the ARMY in giggles.

1) Jin’s Worldwide Shoulders
BTS Jin's Fashion "Mishap" Proves Once Again Why He's Called "Worldwide  Shoulders" - Koreaboo
Jin’s “worldwide handsome” title takes a hilarious turn in a society full of memes with the iconic term, “worldwide shoulders.” This remarkable moment occurred after a fan meeting when Jin confidently declared that his shoulders were not just handsome but “worldwide.” Jin’s brag quickly became a global phenomenon as the internet exploded with memes.


2) J-Hope’s “I Hate Snakeu”
Stream I Hate Snakeu (J - HOPE) by Min_Yoonji | Listen online for free on  SoundCloud
J-Hope’s phobia of snakes is well known, and it reached meme-worthy volumes during a V LIVE session. J-Hope’s response was priceless when the members pranked him with a fake snake. “I hate snakeu” rapidly became a catchphrase in the ARMY meme vocabulary, with fans jokingly putting it into a variety of scenarios.

3) V’s “I Purple You” Blooper
Why do BTS haters use “I purple you” even though Taehyung made it (because  he an angel) for Army and BTS? - Quora
Taehyung, often known as V, is famous for coining the phrase “I Purple You” to show affection and trust. During one radio appearance, however, he accidentally screamed, “I purple you purple you,” leaving everyone in splits. This cute blunder was adopted by ARMYs, who turned it into a sweet yet humorous meme.

4) Suga’s “Genius Lab”
BTS's Suga Once Locked Himself Out Of His "Genius Lab" For 4 Days - Koreaboo
Suga, the group’s main rapper and producer, once jokingly referred to his studio as the “genius lab” The internet couldn’t help but convert this serious moment into a meme, attributing all sorts of strange ideas and discoveries to Suga’s “genius lab.”

5) Jimin’s Failed Confetti Pouch Opening
BTS star Jimin fully recovers from COVID-19 post appendicitis surgery; read  latest health update, Korean News | Zoom TV
During one performance, Jimin tried to open a firework packet, and fans burst out laughing at his determination. This lovely scene became a meme, symbolizing the daily hardships we all encounter, regardless of how beautiful the setting appears.

6) RM’s “Namjooning” Lifestyle
Rs 1.6 lakh! That's how much BTS member RM's 'Namjooning' birthday outfits  cost
RM’s laid-back attitude towards life gave rise to the phrase “Namjooning,” which refers to taking pleasure in the little things in life, such as sitting by a window and sipping coffee. The ARMY adopted this meme-worthy way of life, posting their own “Namjooning” moments on social media.

7) Jungkook’s “Euphoria” High Note Fail
Jungkook's "Euphoria" Solo Is Getting Love From HBO And Halsey
Even the Golden Maknae, Jungkook, is not without flaws. He attempted a high note during a live performance of “Euphoria,” but hilariously missed it. Because the ARMY is such a loyal fandom, they converted this blooper into a meme, showing the lighter side of their beloved Jungkook.