From “Itaewon Class” to “Mr. Queen,” here’s a list of 7 K-dramas with strong and empowering female leads

The attention has increasingly turned to dynamic and inspiring female characters that shatter stereotypes and reinvent traditional roles in the vibrant world of Korean dramas, or K-dramas. From “Itaewon Class” to “Vincenzo,” the small screen is seeing a resurgence of stories that highlight women’s strength, courage, and empowerment.

In this post, we’ll take you on a journey through 7 fascinating K-dramas with strong and inspiring female leads who are not only protagonists but trailblazers in their own right. Prepare to be captivated by these captivating stories that honor the spirit of females in the most beautiful way.



1) Itaewon Class

Review: Itaewon Class (2020) — Ashley Hajimirsadeghi

The stubborn protagonist of “Itaewon Class,” Sae-ro-yi, may be at the heart of this revenge-driven drama, but it’s Jo Yi-seo, as played by Kim Da-mi, who steals the show. Yi-seo is a clever, ambitious, and unapologetic young woman navigating the hurdles of a male-dominated professional world. Her persona shows the power that comes from accepting one’s individuality and standing up against conventional standards.

2) Vincenzo
Meet The Cast of Netflix's Vincenzo: Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin and More | Tatler Asia
Hong Cha-young, played by Jeon Yeo-bin in the action-packed universe of “Vincenzo,” is a force to be reckoned with. Cha-young, a sharp-witted lawyer with a flair for the unexpected, is not only a legal force but also a symbol of feminine tenacity in the face of adversity. Her transformation from a corporate lawyer to a woman pursuing justice on her terms is nothing short of inspirational.

3) Crash Landing on You
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“Crash Landing on You” not only tells a lovely love story but also introduces us to Yoon Se-ri, a successful businesswoman stranded in North Korea, as played by Son Ye-jin. Se-ri’s strength is not only her commercial knowledge but also her capacity to adapt and lead in the most unexpected of situations. Her journey is a celebration of love, fortitude, and a woman’s indomitable spirit.

4) Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna | Korea | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️
IU’s Jang Man-wol in “Hotel Del Luna” is not your normal leading lady. Man-wol is a multifaceted character with a secret past as the enigmatic owner of a guesthouse for ghosts. Her strength comes from her capacity to face her demons, both actual and metaphorical, and emerge as a strong and compassionate woman in control of her fate.

5) Start-Up

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Bae Suzy plays Seo Dal-mi in the tech-driven world of “Start-Up,” a young woman with huge hopes of becoming the next Steve Jobs. Dal-mi’s journey is filled with ups and downs, and her resolve to achieve her goals makes her a standout character. “Start-Up” is more than just a business story; it’s a celebration of a woman’s path to self-discovery and achievement.

6) Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

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In this amusing romantic comedy, Park Bo-young excels as Do Bong-soon, a young woman born with supernatural strength. While the premise is lighthearted, the underlying topic is about appreciating one’s physical and emotional talents. Bong-soon’s persona is a novel take on femininity, challenging societal norms with a blend of wit and heart.

7) Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen (TV Series 2020–2021) - IMDb
“Mr. Queen” transports us back in time as a modern cook, played by Shin Hye-sun, becomes stuck in the body of a Joseon Dynasty queen. This fusion-historical drama is a comedy treat as well as a story about a lady negotiating the challenges of the past with perseverance and humor. The ability of the character to adapt and question old norms adds a degree of empowerment to the story.