From “Healer” to “City Hunter,” here’s a list of 6 K-dramas with action-packed sequences and thrilling plots.

With their compelling narratives, wonderful relationships, and deep emotions, Korean dramas, or K-dramas, have swept the world by storm. While the genre is often associated with love stories, there is a secret treasure trove of action-packed dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat. These K-dramas perfectly merge pleasant moments with adrenaline-pumping action, from heart-pounding situations to gripping plots.

Buckle up as we take you on a wild voyage through 6 must-see K-dramas that will leave you wanting more.


1) City Hunter
City Hunter (TV Series 2011) - IMDb
“City Hunter” sets the tone for our action-packed trip, which stars Lee Min-ho. Imagine a mystery vigilante exploring Seoul’s crowded streets, seeking justice and righting past wrongs. This drama has an excellent blend of mystery, romance, and, of course, magnificent action sequences. As you follow Lee Yoon-sung on his quest for justice, you’ll find yourself rooting for the hero while holding your breath during each violent battle.

2) Healer

Healer - AsianWiki
“Healer” introduces us to a one-of-a-kind hero who works part-time as a courier, part-time as a night errand boy, and part-time as a mystery. Ji Chang-wook portrays Seo Jung-hoo, a mysterious figure with unmatched combat skills on a mission to find the truth behind a sinister scheme. A wonderful love story evolves alongside the narrative, making “Healer” a delightful blend of action and romance that will have you engaged from the first episode.

3) Vagabond

Oppa Noona: K Drama Review: Vagabond (2019) 2.8 || 3
“Vagabond” takes action outside of Korea, immersing viewers in a world of espionage, corruption, and high-stakes politics. Cha Dal-geon, played by Lee Seung-gi, is a stuntman who becomes embroiled in a web of deception after a mystery plane disaster. Expect breathtaking action sequences and plot twists that will keep you wondering until the very end.


IRIS: The Movie - AsianWiki
“Iris” takes the action to a global scale, highlighting the confrontation between South Korean and North Korean intelligence organizations. This espionage thriller, starring Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee, features high-octane action scenes, deep plots, and a hint of romance. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster as you watch the violent struggles among spies and the complexities of their relationships.

5) Bad Guys

Bad Guys Is An Old-School Crime Drama With A Charming Psychopath – hallyureviews
“Bad Guys” takes a darker turn, with a group of outlaws compelled to work together to hunt down even more nefarious opponents. The ethically complex characters performed by Kim Sang-Joong, Park Hae-jin, and Ma Dong-seok in this drama question traditional hero tales. As the boundary between good and evil blurs, expect dramatic confrontations and unexpected partnerships.

6) Man to Man
Man to Man (TV Series 2017) - IMDb
“Man to Man” injects levity into the action genre by following a top-secret agent who disguises himself as a bodyguard for a Hallyu star. Park Hae-jin plays the charismatic spy, delivering a great blend of action, comedy, and surprising bromance. Prepare for a crazy voyage filled with spying, clever banter, and heart-fluttering moments.