From “Growl” to “Power” , here’s a list of top 7 songs of EXO that broke the internet!

Few groups have left a lasting mark on the huge world of K-pop like EXO. EXO has won the hearts of millions around the world with their harmonious blend of outstanding vocals, mesmerizing choreography, and captivating charisma. This South Korean-Chinese boy band’s journey has been nothing short of spectacular, with multiple chart-topping anthems that have not only delighted fans but also broken the internet.

Join us on a nostalgic journey through the top 7 EXO songs that sent shockwaves through cyberspace, making an unforgettable mark on the worldwide music industry.


1) “Growl” (2013)

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The catchy groove of “Growl” kicks off our selection. This music, released in 2013, not only demonstrated EXO’s maturity as an artist but also set the internet ablaze with its catchy melody and elegant choreography. The smooth vibes of the song, combined with the group’s flawless synchronization, made “Growl” an instant hit, breaking records and winning the boy’s global accolades.

2) “Call Me Baby” (2015)

EXO Get Back to Boy Band Basics on 'Call Me Baby' – Billboard
“Call Me Baby” swept the globe in 2015, becoming a global craze that cut across linguistic barriers. The song’s catchy chorus and explosive beats made it an anthem for EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom) all over the world. Its song video, which featured the group’s dynamic dance movements, swiftly accumulated millions of views, solidifying EXO as an international sensation.

3) “Love Shot” (2018)

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EXO released “Love Shot,” a sensuous and scorching track that set heat rising, in 2018. The dark ambiance of the song, mixed with the group’s flawless vocals, formed a perfect storm that enthralled audiences and shattered the internet. “Love Shot” not only topped the music charts, but it also became a trending subject on other social media sites.

4) “Ko Ko Bop” (2017)

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In 2017, “Ko Ko Bop” added a pleasant tropical flavor to EXO’s store. The laid-back emotions and vivid imagery of the song resonated with audiences, resulting in an internet frenzy. “Ko Ko Bop” became a digital success due to its catchy chorus and summer-ready beats, with fans all over the world sharing their appreciation for the single and its mesmerizing dancing motions.

5) “Monster” (2016)

EXO Praised For Their Eye-Catching “Monster” And “Lucky One” Performances | Soompi
“Monster” had a tremendous influence on the internet, as the title suggests. This dark and aggressive single, released in 2016, demonstrated EXO’s flexibility. Fans were intrigued by the song’s compelling lyrics and spectacular imagery, resulting in a rise in online debates and reactions. “Monster” not only dominated music charts, but it also became a popular subject on social media, cementing EXO’s position as a trendsetter.

6) “Tempo” (2018)

Exo: Tempo (2018)
In 2018, “Tempo” elevated EXO’s sonic journey to new heights. The song’s rapid tempo fluctuations, along with the group’s flawless vocal talent, created a sonic rollercoaster that connected with audiences and shattered the internet. The buzz around “Tempo” was tremendous, and when it eventually arrived, the online reaction was nothing short of explosive.

7) “Power” (2017)

Exo: Power (2017)
Our collection concludes with the inspiring anthem “Power.” This music, which was released in 2017, not only displayed EXO’s vocal prowess but also became an anthem of strength and unity. The uplifting message of the song resonated with fans, prompting an outpouring of support online. “Power” not only dominated music charts, but it also became a symbol of EXO’s unshakable link with their devoted following.