From “Dope” to “Dynamite” , here’s a list of top 7 songs of BTS that broke the internet!

Few names resound as loudly as BTS in the ever-changing environment of the global music industry. This South Korean septet has not only grabbed the hearts of millions but has also left an everlasting impression on the digital realm, with its chart-topping tunes shattering the internet. BTS has a unique capacity to connect with people all over the world, from spreading beats to significant songs.

Join us on a musical journey through the top 7 BTS songs that not only dominated the charts but also sent shockwaves across the internet.


1) “Dope”
BTS Show Off Some Very 'Dope' Looks & Dance Moves in New Video – Billboard
BTS exploded into the scene with their infectious energy in “Dope.” The high speed and dynamic choreography of the song rapidly became a global sensation, gaining BTS immense fame and setting the groundwork for their internet-breaking success.

2) “Blood Sweat & Tears”
Blood Sweat & Tears — BTS |
“Blood Sweat & Tears” developed as a masterpiece as the band worked to refine their style. The haunting tune and amazing graphics in the music video catapulted BTS into the international spotlight, captivating fans and dominating internet platforms.

3) “DNA”
BTS: DNA (2017)
“DNA” was a watershed moment for BTS, as it not only highlighted their musical skill but also became the first K-pop song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. The colorful imagery in the music video and the song’s addictive chorus created an internet frenzy, consolidating BTS’s global influence.

4) “Fake Love”
Which BTS song between 'Butter' and 'Fake Love' is better? - Quora
“Fake Love” dives into the depths of love and deception, resonating deeply with audiences. The song’s thoughtful lyrics, combined with the compelling images, drew a lot of attention online, making it a breakout hit that got everyone talking.

5) “IDOL”

BTS's “IDOL” Becomes Their 6th MV To Surpass 550 Million Views | Soompi
With its blend of traditional Korean themes and current sounds, “IDOL” elevated the K-pop genre to new heights. The song video’s brilliant colors and dynamic performances fascinated fans worldwide, breaking the internet and cementing BTS’s status as a global sensation.

6) “Boy With Luv”

BTS and Halsey 'Boy With Luv' Lyrics in English - New BTS and Halsey Music Video
BTS released “Boy With Luv,” a feel-good ballad that captivated hearts around the world, in collaboration with worldwide pop sensation Halsey. The chemistry between BTS and Halsey, combined with the infectious melody of the song, ignited social media and drove the music to the top of the charts worldwide.

7) “Dynamite”

BTS Releases “Dynamite,” a Disco-Pop Boost for Hard Times | Teen Vogue
In the middle of 2020’s problems, BTS gave a ray of hope with “Dynamite.” This disco-pop phenomenon not only became a global anthem but also made history by topping the Billboard Hot 100. The infectious enthusiasm of “Dynamite” spread like wildfire throughout the internet, breaking records and delivering smiles to fans all around the world.