From “DALLA DALLA” to “SWIPE” , here’s a list of top 7 songs of ITZY that broke the internet!

ITZY has emerged as a force to be dealt with in the dynamic world of K-pop, attracting fans worldwide with their infectious energy, catchy compositions, and mesmerizing performances. With each release, the girl group has not only won fans’ hearts but also broken the internet with chart-topping smashes.

Let’s take a rhythmic journey through the top 7 ITZY songs that have left a lasting mark on the internet realm, lighting up screens and converting clicks into global adoration.


1) “DALLA DALLA” (2019)

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With their debut single “DALLA DALLA,” a powerful anthem that welcomed individualism and self-love, ITZY blasted onto the K-pop scene. The track’s uplifting message struck a chord with listeners all across the world, sending it to the top of the charts and making ITZY an overnight success.

2) “ICY” (2019)
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Following the success of their debut, ITZY proceeded to win with “ICY.” The bouncy tempo of the song, along with the group’s trademark bold style, generated a perfect storm of popularity. “ICY” not only topped the music charts, but it also went viral on social media, making ITZY a household name.

3) “WANNABE” (2020)

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“WANNABE” demonstrated ITZY’s flexibility by combining powerful vocals with an engaging groove. The visually spectacular music video and engaging choreography of the song generated a surge of online challenges, instantly converting fans into dance aficionados. The song’s internet-breaking success was aided by ITZY’s ability to create both audio and visual spectacles.

4) “Not Shy” (2020)

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ITZY released “Not Shy,” a sassy and upbeat music that became an instant smash, in the summer of 2020. Fans were shouting along to the song’s catchy chorus and daring lyrics, while the music video’s vivid aesthetic lit up social media platforms. “Not Shy” established ITZY as a global sensation.

5) “Mafia In the Morning” (2021)

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With “Mafia In The Morning,” ITZY continued to push the artistic envelope. The song’s mysterious and appealing theme, combined with its addicting melody, captivated both fans and non-fans. The creative tone of the song and the group’s mesmerizing performance dominated social media platforms.

6) “LOCO” (2021)

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“LOCO” demonstrated ITZY’s lighthearted side, adding a new touch to their career. With its humorous lyrics and addictive beat, the song’s colorful and enthusiastic spirit rapidly became a fan favorite. ITZY has again demonstrated its ability to make music that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

7) “SWIPE” (2021)

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“SWIPE,” an exciting music released by ITZY in 2021, rounds off the list. The song’s powerful sounds and confident lyrics contributed to its online success. Fans welcomed the song’s uplifting message, making “SWIPE” a viral smash and one of ITZY’s top internet-breaking songs.