From BTS to Stray Kids , here’s a list of 7 Boy groups whose friendship moments melted fans’ hearts

In the fast-paced world of K-pop, where dazzling performances and catchy songs frequently take center stage, one feature steals the show and warms the hearts of fans around the world: the real and loving friendships between members of boy groups. Beyond the sparkle and splendor of the stage, these idols share an affection that transcends their professional careers.

So, let’s dig into the realm of K-pop friendship and look at 7 boy groups whose friendship moments have wowed fans.



1) BTS
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We begin with the global sensation BTS, whose togetherness is as contagious as their chart-topping tunes. The seven members of BTS redefine friendship ideals, from heart-to-heart chats to lighthearted antics, forming a bond that transcends their responsibilities as artists. Fans can’t help but feel like they’re a part of this brotherhood, cherishing the moments when laughter outnumbers music.

2) EXO
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EXO, the supergroup recognized for their remarkable chemistry, demonstrates a camaraderie that extends beyond their on-stage appearances. Their unity as a group of a dozen people is both inspiring and heartbreaking. EXO illustrates that true friendship can withstand the test of fame and money, from hilarious backstage pranks to genuine support during difficult times.

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SEVENTEEN demonstrates a beautiful blend of talent and friendship with their thirteen members. Offstage, watching them interact is like witnessing a symphony of laughter and true affection. Their close friendship shines through in their concerts, capturing audiences not only with their music but also with the genuine friendship that defines them.

4) GOT7

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GOT7, the group that radiates warmth, symbolizes a camaraderie that feels like a warm embrace. The seven members have matured together from their pre-debut days to the present, producing a story of resilience and togetherness. Fans can’t help but grin as they see the touching moments in which GOT7 demonstrates that they are more than just a group, but a family.

5) NCT
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NCT, with its novel notion of several subunits, emphasizes that friendship knows no bounds. Despite belonging to separate units, the members maintain an unshakable friendship that transcends the complexities of their large group. Fans are captivated by NCT members’ togetherness, which shows the beauty of diversity among a group of friends.

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ASTRO, a group recognized for their bright and cheerful spirit, exudes friendship like a flash of sunshine. ASTRO’s camaraderie is a monument to the ongoing power of genuine friendships in the world of K-pop, whether it’s their fun exchanges on a variety of programs or the heartbreaking moments filmed behind the scenes.

7) Stray Kids

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Stray Kids round off our list with friendship experiences as powerful as their epic songs. The musicians, who are recognized for their honesty, have a camaraderie that extends beyond the stage. Stray Kids’ togetherness is a beacon of understanding and support, reminding audiences that true friendships are the foundation of success.