From BTS to SEVENTEEN , here’s a list of 7 untold stories from K-Pop group’s journey to success

Every success story in the bright world of K-pop, where catchy beats meet mesmerizing choreography, is a tapestry stitched with determination, talent, and the irrepressible spirit of dreams. Beyond the gorgeous stage performances and captivating music are unseen stories of tenacity, friendship, and the persistent pursuit of a common goal.

Join us as we dig into the uplifting and sometimes difficult stories of 7 K-pop groups, exposing the behind-the-scenes incidents that influenced their amazing paths to popularity.


1) The Humble Beginnings of a Global Sensation

BTS - Humble Beginnings to Global Superstardom
BTS members endured the challenges of sharing a small dormitory in their early years before conquering the global music scene. Handling tight schedules, personal challenges, and the desire to make it big, the relationship created in those humble surroundings laid the groundwork for their unbreakable oneness.

2) BLACKPINK’s Training Days

BLACKPINK impresses with dance practice vid set to “Bitch Better Have My Money” – Asian Junkie
BLACKPINK’s rise to global stardom was far from fast. Their unsung story involves arduous training sessions in which each member refined his or her skills with discipline and determination. Their journey from the constraints of rehearsal rooms to the grandeur of international stages is a monument to hard effort and determination.

3) Stray Kids’ Struggle for Identity

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Stray Kids had an unusual path to fame, freely discussing the difficulties of developing their own identity in the cutthroat K-pop business. Their story delves into the challenges of self-discovery, as the ensemble overcame doubts and criticism to emerge as a light of authenticity.

4) Red Velvet’s Sisterhood

Red Velvet (group) - Wikipedia
Behind the beautiful exterior, Red Velvet’s tale is built on true kinship among its members. From the demands of public scrutiny to the highs and lows of their careers, their sisterhood has remained unbroken, demonstrating that true success is defined not just by chart-topping hits but also by the connections formed along the way.

5) EXO’s Global Victory

EXO-L, you are wonderful fans': EXO after winning at 2017 MAMA
The road to worldwide popularity for EXO was not without its hurdles, especially the need to cross language divides and connect with varied audiences. Their unique narrative demonstrates how dedication and a real love for their work enabled them to overcome cultural obstacles, garnering them a global fan base.

6) Mamamoo’s Vocal Powerhouse

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Mamamoo’s meteoric rise was distinguished by a dedication to challenging expectations in a genre dominated by graphics. Their unique story delves into the difficulties experienced by a group determined to demonstrate their singing power, defying preconceptions and demonstrating that talent transcends traditional rules.

7) The Blossoming of SEVENTEEN

Say the name – Seventeen and its worldwide influence | The Daily Nexus
SEVENTEEN’s path exemplifies the value of self-expression and originality in the K-pop environment. Their hands-on approach to their work, from composition to choreography, distinguishes them. Their unsung story reveals the process of turning dreams into realities through hard effort, collaboration, and a common goal.