From “BTS” to “MONSTA X” , here’s a list of 7 Iconic style moments from various Kpop groups

Korean Pop, also known as K-pop, has evolved from its musical roots to become a global cultural phenomenon. K-pop groups are noted for their distinct and trendsetting fashion style, in addition to their catchy tunes and mesmerizing choreography. The globe has experienced some genuinely great fashion moments that have wowed fans and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Let’s look at 7 amazing fashion moments from various K-Pop groups that not only defined their image but also became fashion benchmarks in the ever-changing world of fashion.


1) BTS’ Red Carpet Elegance
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BTS, the global phenomenon, is known not just for their music but also for their exquisite style. One memorable moment is their presence at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. The bandmates exhibited refinement and charm while dressed in slick, cut suits, indicating that they are not just musical trendsetters but also fashion icons.

2) BLACKPINK’s Streetwear Chic
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BLACKPINK, a fashion-forward girl group, has been turning heads with its edgy and flamboyant style. One memorable partnership was with the luxury fashion business Coach. The members easily merged streetwear and high fashion components, resulting in a style fusion that appealed to both fans and fashion critics.

3) EXO’s Coordinated Couture

230704 EXO - 'Cream Soda' Teaser Images for Xiumin, D.O., Kai and Sehun : r/ exo
EXO is known for their coordinated dancing skills, but they also coordinate their dress choices. During the “Love Shot” era, the members wore a mix of fitted suits and avant-garde accessories, which was a memorable moment. Fans were impressed by this unified and attractive ensemble’s fashion-forward approach.

4) TWICE’s Playful Patterns

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TWICE is known for their lively and vibrant wardrobe as well as their catchy tunes and energetic performances. Their presence in the music video for “Likey” was a style moment that captivated audiences. The members wore a variety of bright patterns and retro-inspired clothes, creating a visual feast that perfectly suited the song’s upbeat tone.

5) GOT7’s Individualistic Flair

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GOT7, a diversely talented bunch, also demonstrates individualistic style preferences. One memorable occasion occurred during their “You Are” promotions when each member added their flair to the stage attire. GOT7 proved that unity in diversity extends to their fashion choices, from streetwear-inspired ensembles to classic tailored pieces.

6) Red Velvet’s Eclectic Elegance

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Red Velvet is noted for its flexibility in music and concept, which they also apply to their design statements. Their “Psycho” era, when the members wore sophisticated and unusual clothing, was a remarkable fashion moment. Their ability to effectively merge conflicting pieces into a visually striking ensemble was demonstrated by the use of vibrant colors, detailed detailing, and different textures.

7) MONSTA X’s High-Fashion Swagger

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MONSTA X displays confidence not only on stage but also in their dress choices, thanks to their impressive performances. One memorable fashion moment occurred during their presence at Paris Fashion Week, when the band sat front row in high-fashion attire. Their flawless style and unmistakable swagger represented a watershed moment in K-Pop’s ascension onto the global fashion scene.