Former T- ara member Areum still unconscious at hospital post attempting suicide

Areum, an erstwhile member of the girl group T- ara, attempted to take her own life during the morning hours of March 27, as per KST reports. The singer has been since hospitalized.

A few hours after the news broke out, the singer’s boyfriend took to his Instagram and shared an update about her health condition. As per the reports, the former K-pop idol still remains unconscious.


“Thank you to the fans and supporters of Areum who reached out with concerns about her. However, please refrain from making any unnecessary or insensible requests (to me). Please understand she is in pain and still unconscious,” wrote her boyfriend with a lot of desperation urging fans to keep patience.

As per the reports, she is now receiving advanced treatment and seems that many of her fans have been praying for her well being.

Areum was a member of T-ara from 2012 to 2013. Around 6 years after her exit from the band, she tied the knot with an elderly businessman, and soon embraced motherhood by welcoming two sons.

However, in December 2023, she publicly announced the decision of split from her husband while sharing the challenges she faced in the difficult marriage.