Doctor Slump actor Park Hyun-Sik expresses wish to hold meet-and-greet in India

Park Hyun-sik has earned his place as one of the most reliable Korean actor, as he has proved himself to be effortless in slapstick comedy as well as rom-coms. In his on-going show, Doctor Slump, the actor plays the role of Jeong-Woo, a plastic surgeon who suffers from PTSD after encountering a medical accident. In the SLL produced series, he is paired opposite Park Shin-Hye.

Recently, in an interview with India Today, Park Hyun-sik opened up about what he loved about the show, mental health, and chilling with friends, and a genre he would like to explore more in it. In the same conversation, he also expressed his wish of holding a meet-and-greet with his Indian fans and spoke about relishing ‘tandoori chicken’ among other things.


The actor is known for pulling off slapstick with equal ease and playing serious roles. He has earlier collaborated with Shin-Hye on the show ‘The Heirs’.