‘Dark Blood’ by ENHYPEN sells 1 million copies on its first day

Dark Blood by ENHYPEN has sold one million copies on Hanteo in its first day. It is already the biggest opening day for the group.

DARK BLOOD, the enticing new mini-album from the award-winning K-pop boy group, was released on May 22nd. The record is a fantasy story about pursuing your destined ‘you’ and is set to be the first chapter of their BLOOD album series.


“The title track describes how, after reuniting with his destined one, a boy realises that they are bound by blood and wishes to be bitten again [by his destiny].” “I believe you’ll be able to relate to it if you concentrate on the lyrics, which deliver a strong and powerful message,” Heesung said.

Along with the album, ENHYPEN debuted the music video for ‘BITE ME,’ which was shot entirely in Poland.