BTS: Jungkook dance videos making ARMY go crazy over it

Artist Jungkook from BTS is making fans and ARMY go crazy over his charms and dance moves

BTS’ k pop artist Jungkook is the heart of the team and, his dance videos are the proof of it.Well, it had also been said that, artist Jungkook is blessed with his charming looks and exceptional dancing skills.

Now, artist Jungkook is endowed, with his attractive looks and outstanding dance skills.He have always managed to win hearts of his fans and audience with his charisma as a performer and as a singer.


BTS have prepared a dance performance for 2020. MAMA along with a band and team of backup dancers.

ARMY cannot get over his hotness quotient in this dance video. Where in artist Jungkook was seen donned over an oversized t-shirt with casual pants and a tied ponytail, ARMY can’t get past his spicy quotient.

In the other video, Jungkook can be seen practicing dance for Baepsae and, his legendary moves are making ARMY go aww with him.Jungkook’s dance moves from being sexy to being cool will surely make ARMYs fall for him.

In the video, Jungkook was also seen practicing dance performance for a Butter song. Where in he was seen wearing an oversized sweater.

In another video, Jungkook can be seen practicing dance for biceps and his scintillating moves are making ARMY thrilled with him. Jungkook’s move from being sexy to being cool will definitely make ARMY go crazy for him.

In yet in an another video, Jungkook was also seen dancing to Mic Drop. And in which his moves in the dance will make his female fan base go weak in knees.