BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO , here’s a list of 7 memorable interactions at award shows

In the sparkling world of K-pop, award shows serve as shining venues where performers not only demonstrate their talent but also create moments that fans will remember forever. Three K-pop juggernauts, BTS, BLACKPINK, and EXO, have graced these renowned events with their presence, leaving an unforgettable stamp on the industry.

Let’s go back in time and experience 7 remarkable exchanges that grabbed viewers and established these groups’ places in K-pop history.


1) BTS’s Surprise Collaboration

BTS' V distributes heartfelt gifts at V-ICNIC fan meet; Jimin's surprise appearance delights ARMY | K-pop Movie News - Times of India
BTS stunned fans and fellow musicians alike by teaming with a lesser-known group during an award show, which was one of the most pleasant exchanges. BTS’s unity and camaraderie not only demonstrated their humility but also the collaborative attitude that distinguishes the K-pop business.

2) BLACKPINK’s Unscripted Laughter

In Conversation With Caroline Suh, Director of Blackpink: Light Up The Sky
BLACKPINK’s allure stems not just from their stunning performances, but also from their off-stage togetherness. A memorable award show moment occurred when members couldn’t stop laughing during a playful interaction. This spontaneous moment endeared BLACKPINK to followers worldwide, demonstrating the group’s real bonds.

3) EXO’s Fan Appreciation

EXO's The First Snow clinches top spot on Circle's weekly charts after 10 years; Monster singers thank fans | PINKVILLA: Korean
EXO, known for their unwavering connection with their fanbase, took a heartfelt moment during an award acceptance speech to express their gratitude. Their sincerity and appreciation for their fans echoed through the venue, creating an emotional connection that transcended the stage and reached the hearts of millions.

4) BTS’s Dazzling Red Carpet Entrance

BTS's Best Moments at the Grammys | Photos | POPSUGAR Celebrity UK
Award shows are not just about the performances; they are also about making stylish statements on the red carpet. BTS, true to their trendsetting nature, made a jaw-dropping entrance with their impeccable fashion sense. This iconic moment left fans and fashion enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipating their red carpet-appearances at future events.

5) BLACKPINK and EXO’s Backstage Bond

BLACKPINK and EXO To Make Appearances On JTBC Program "Stage K" - Koreaboo
BLACKPINK and EXO members revealed a personal moment behind the scenes, away from the spotlight, that went viral among fans. This unexpected contact demonstrated the true friendships that exist among various K-pop groups, removing any thoughts of competitiveness and establishing a sense of togetherness throughout the industry.

6) BTS’s Cross-Group Collaboration

BTS Members Clarify Future of Group: "We Are Not Disbanding"
BTS collaborated alongside members of BLACKPINK and EXO during an award ceremony finale, breaking down barriers and crossing group limits. This unusual performance not only delighted fans but also hinted at future collaborations, generating excitement and anticipation in the K-pop world.

7) BLACKPINK and EXO’s Fan Unity

EXOPINK] EXO and BLACKPINK interactions - YouTube
When BLACKPINK and EXO fans banded together to create an exciting environment at an award event, the power of fan unity was on full display. Their coordinated cheers and collaborative fan projects demonstrated a feeling of community that transcended particular fandoms, emphasizing the good and inclusive spirit of K-pop fans worldwide.