BTS ARMY stands in support of Jungkook after neighbours complain of loud noise from his residence – Deets inside

The ARMY was grateful for Jungkook’s efforts in maintaining a soundproof space.

BTS’ Jungkook became involved in a situation that put his neighbours into a rage. The group’s youngest member ran into an unforeseen challenge during a live webcast on May 25 that may put a damper on his musical ambitions.

Jungkook recently gifted his fans with a number of live broadcasts in an effort to strengthen his relationship with his devoted followers.


These in-depth discussions provided a window into the idol’s complex persona, capturing hearts all around the world.

But as fate would have it, this charming story becomes depressing. Jungkook revealed an unexpected turn of events—a noise complaint made by his neighbors—armed with his karaoke microphone.

Because of the limitations placed on him, his dulcet serenades lost all of their resonant vigour.

Do you know, though? Jungkook apologised profusely to his neighbours and then quickly turned down the level on his microphone in an effort to create a balance between his fervour and their calm.

Jungkook persisted and, in an act of unflappable spirit, blessed his fans with a beautiful performance of FIFTY FIFTY’s soul-stirring song, “Cupid.” He also sang V’s song. He also changed the way he sang, using a gentler tone that won the acclaim of his dedicated followers.

Jungkook had disclosed in his live broadcast that his room was soundproof and they could hardly hear him singing while the neighbours went bonkers. However, the disruption was brought on by vibration.

Several of his supporters urged him to exercise caution, especially in the late hours of the day. Others remarked that he should sing without the mike on the following live stream since vibrations might also be annoying.

The ARMY also recognised Jungkook’s work in maintaining a soundproof room and commended him for it. Jungkook defended his actions by claiming he had no way of knowing his neighbour could feel the vibrations from his music.