BBGIRLS announces departure of one of their band members; Also ends ties with Warner Music Korea

BBGirls took to their Instagram recently to share the news regarding the recent changes made in the music career, via a lengthy statement. “From now on, BBGIRLS will start a new activity at the BBGIRLS Company, ensuring they can utmostly devote themselves to music.”

On the same day, the music group also made a shocking revelation. The statement further read, “After a detailed discussion, member Youjoung has decided to end activities with BBGIRLS. The members respect her decision, and we thank her for doing her utmost as a member of this group for so long. We will continue to cheer for her in the future as well.”


With Youjoung no longer being the part of the girl band, BBGIRLS plan onto thriving in the music industry as a three piece K Pop girl group, which includes Minyoung, Yoona, and Eunji. The members have vowed to show each other unwavering support as they embark on a fresh chapter.

Earlier, in the day, it has been confirmed that the group has decided to end terms with Warner Music Korea, as the label took to its official Instagram handle to share a brief statement.

“We would like to make an official statement regarding the contract of our artist, BBGIRLS. Following an in-depth discussion both BBGIRLS and Warner Music Korea have mutually agreed on each other’s opinion.”