5 highest paid Korean actresses in 2020

Korean dramas are not bound only in Korea now. Thanks to their availability and English subtitles, audiences accross the world enjoy the K-dramas of various genres and appreciate the beauty of the Korean actresses. With the immense popularity, their payments have increased also. For them who are intrigued to know how much their favorite actresses are paid per episode, here is the list of the top 5 highest paid Korean actresses.

Let us see who are the Top 5 highest paid Korean actresses.

1) Jun Ji Hyun (estimated $84000 per episode):-

Also known as Gianna Jun, she is the renowned for her beauty and extraordinary fashion sense.

2) Lee Young-aye (estimated $83000 per episode):-

She is specially recognized for her acting in thriller film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and historical drama Dae Jung Geum. She also worked as Goodwill Ambassador in UNICEF.

3) Ha Ji Won (estimated $42000 per episode):-

She is one of the finest actresses in South Korea. She is the first Asian woman to be the Promotional Ambassador for Operation Smile. Ha has her own agency named Haewadal Entertainment. 

4) Choi Ji Woo (estimated $42000 per episode) :-

Alumna of Aerobic dance department of Busan Women’s college, she has mainly acted in melodramas. Choi is often referred to as one of the most beautiful women ever.

5) Song Hye-kyo (estimated $42000 per episode):-

She is best known for her role in one of the most popular Korean television dramas, ” Descendants of the sun”. Song married her co-star from the drama and got divorced within 2 years. There is a rumor that Song actually entered into Sham marriage to increase her fame.

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