4 Fashion Guide with Minatozaki Sana from TWICE

Sana Minatozaki, a Japanese member of the global girl duo TWICE, enthralls everyone with her flawless dancing, singing, and visuals. However, Sana can also serve as a major inspiration in the field of fashion.

It’s hardly surprising that ONCEs aspire to be like her-in fact, it’s rather simple! In terms of attire, anyway. With her loose-fitting garments and basic jeans, Sana can look like a total hottie, a sophisticated lady, or an adolescent. She is the definition of adaptability!


So, let’s dive into Sana’s style step by step in our fashion guide!

Let’s start with an easier piece to purchase to dress like her, shall we?

1) T-Shirts
Yes, and Sana needs the same things that everyone else does! She wears a basic white t-shirt that is oversized as part of her airport outfit or on a casual day. Ultimately, one of the most adaptable items in her closet is a white shirt. She can wear it as part of an airport outfit or on casual days to seem put together and fashionable.
It matches with everything, too!

When paired with loose-fitting trousers, you’re ready to go, looking fashionable and feeling cozy.

P.S. We believe her vivid orange hair looks fantastic and makes a big statement when paired with a basic t-shirt featuring a neat Betty Boop pattern!

2) Hoodies

Let’s have a look at her other everyday outfit selection, which is obviously an oversized hoodie! When she’s in the studio working on a new song with TWICE, or just because she wants to be an idol. Sana enjoys taking selfies in basic black sweatshirts or other monotone outfits. Her pastel peach hair and flawless idol face are the only things that bring back memories of her idol upbringing.

Given that ONCEs are just as attractive as their role models, they will either regularly wear hoodies like Sana’s or already have them.

3) Shirts
Even while the girl next door looks are comfortable, we can’t always pull them off, therefore it’s typical to see Sana in white, sophisticated shirts, especially when she’s on summer vacations. She looks stunning in such delicate, feminine clothing, and you can too! Remember to search for delicate elements like lacey decorations, long sleeves that may be transparent, and modest earrings.

A perfect look for the date. Or just Instagram!!


4) Button-down Shirts

Investing in snow-white button-down shirts can help you look even more sophisticated and refined! shirts with buttons down! Button-down shirts are an excellent method to give your outfit some texture and that classic appearance that everyone adores. Moreover, they go well with almost anything. They’re also ideal for days when you want to look nice but don’t want to wear anything too elaborate-you know when you have to quickly get ready for work in the morning or go out with friends after work? Sana’s fashion sense is sure to motivate!

Similar to the first image, they can be plain but are made more interesting by adding a top.

Or you could just grab yourself a blouse with lovely sleeves like hers to seem fancier without having to do any more work. It’s always ok to add some accessories as well.