Kiran Rao opens up about multiple miscarriages before welcoming son Azad with Aamir Khan

Filmmaker Kiran Rao, known for her candidness and authenticity, recently shared a deeply personal journey about her struggles with motherhood before the birth of her son Azad with actor Aamir Khan.

In a heartfelt interview with Zoom Entertainment, Kiran revealed that she had experienced multiple miscarriages and health issues before Azad’s arrival.


Reflecting on her challenging journey to parenthood, Kiran disclosed, “The year that Dhobi Ghat was made was the year that Azad was born. And I had tried very hard to have a child. For five years, I had had a lot of miscarriages, a lot of personal, physical health issues. I was just finding it very hard to have a child. I was really keen to have a child, so when Azad was born it was… I didn’t have to make a decision. Obviously, all I wanted to do was raise my baby.”

The joy of Azad’s birth brought immense happiness to Kiran and Aamir’s lives, marking the culmination of their long and arduous journey towards parenthood. Kiran expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to raise her son, emphasizing that motherhood was her priority after Azad’s arrival.

Following Azad’s birth, Kiran made the decision to step away from film direction, prioritizing her role as a mother and relishing the precious moments spent with her son. Despite not directing a film for over a decade, Kiran has no regrets, cherishing the experience of motherhood as some of the best years of her life.

Kiran stepped away from film direction after Azad’s birth, and said that she has no regrets about not making a film for over 10 years. “I enjoyed having Azad so much. Those were some of the best years of my life. I’ll never regret not having made a film in 10 years. I have no regrets because I enjoyed it thoroughly,” she said.

In response to queries about Azad’s aspirations in the film industry, Kiran revealed that her son is not interested in pursuing a career in films at this point in his life. Instead, Azad exhibits a keen interest in art, music, and animation, reflecting his creative inclinations and passions.

Kiran and Aamir’s journey to parenthood has been marked by openness and honesty. The couple previously shared their experience of having Azad through IVF surrogacy, emphasizing the importance of being transparent about their journey. Aamir, in particular, has been vocal about their decision, stating, “We haven’t done anything wrong, have nothing to hide, and people should know about it.”