Jenna Dewan ready to close chapter with Channing Tatum, aims to resolve lengthy divorce dispute

Actress Jenna Dewan is embracing a new chapter in her life with fiancé Steve Kazee while aiming to settle her long-standing legal dispute with ex-husband Channing Tatum. Despite the challenges of their six-year divorce negotiations, Jenna remains committed to moving forward and prioritizing her growing family.

Jenna Dewan, 43, and Channing Tatum, 43, have been embroiled in a prolonged legal battle over financial matters since their split. With their focus primarily on the distribution of earnings from Tatum’s Magic Mike franchise, Jenna is eager to bring closure to this chapter of her life. Despite the complexities of the legal proceedings, Jenna is determined to reach a fair resolution and move forward with her life.


Amidst the legal proceedings, Jenna Dewan has found solace and happiness in her relationship with actor Steve Kazee. The couple, who are expecting their second child together, are looking forward to their future as a family. Plans for their upcoming wedding are underway, with Jenna and Steve hoping to exchange vows by the end of the year. Their shared vision of a close-knit, intimate wedding reflects their commitment to each other and their blended family.

Jenna Dewan’s desire to settle her legal dispute with Channing Tatum is driven by her commitment to moving forward with her life. Recognizing the importance of closure and resolution, Jenna is determined to finalize the financial aspects of their divorce before moving forward with her marriage to Steve Kazee. Despite the challenges and tensions of the legal process, Jenna remains focused on achieving a fair and equitable outcome for all involved.

The extended court battle has been a source of tension and frustration for both Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum. With the proceedings dragging on for years, both parties are eager to reach a swift resolution. The upcoming court dates set by Judge David Wasserman underscore the urgency of bringing the legal proceedings to a close and moving forward with their lives.

As Jenna Dewan navigates the complexities of her personal and legal battles, she remains focused on building a bright future for herself and her family. With the unwavering support of her fiancé Steve Kazee and her commitment to resolution, Jenna is poised to overcome the challenges and embrace the new opportunities that lie ahead.