Janhvi Kapoor opens up on being trolled for her short pants, Anil Kapoor jokes about getting criticized

Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor attend a Hindustan Times Leadership Summit and talks about the social media effects.

Bollywood actors Janhvi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor spoke about the relevance of social media in their lives at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit and they did  not mince their words at all.Speaking to the the Hindustan Times’ Managing Editor,Entertainment and Lifestyle,Sonal Kalra,Anil Kapoor blamed the paparazzi candidly for clicking only Janhvi’s pictures while coming out of the gym and not his.

Janhvi Kapoor spoke about how completely flattered she was to see her fans willing to look at her post gym pictures when she is all sweaty and,more so,to even like them.”People tell me that they have seen all my gym looks.I want to tell them that’s not the only thing I do.You need to take it with a pinch of salt.I find it extremely flattering.If some people have a problem with my gym shorts and how I appear to be looking,that is okay because that’s not my job,that’s a consequence of my job”,Janhvi shared at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2021.


“They don’t want to take my pictures,they only want Janhvi’s pictures.Otherwise,I would also go in front of the gym for pictures”, Anil Kapoor joked,reacting to the what Janhvi said and complained how his gym looks don’t find any interest among the paparazzi.

The young actress however confessed about her impact of social media in her life.”I gave it a lot of value at one point.I told myself that it was important to understand the pulse of the audience and what they are saying and where I am lackig,and what I need to work on.But it also has its positives and negatives,”she shared.

“I am used to critiquing,I have been used to it my whole life.We as a family have been used to it”,she hinted about her being trolled for her work.

Anil Kapoor on the other hand added how he was very proud of every member of his family and how they have all been connected on social media along with the bonds they share with each other at get-togethers.Despite the dark side of the social media,he is quite proud how his nephews and nieces are very close to each other.He later also spoke how he had learnt so much from his younger daughter Rhea and what she had picked up from social media.Rolling out some advice on the same,he said,”added that our family life should not be affected and our priorities should be clear when it comes to using social media,Ignorance is bliss when trolling is happening.”