The Audiences are shocked by Succession 4’s biggest twist to date; Internet goes crazy

The audience was completely astounded by the HBO series Succession’s final season! According to Succession creator Jesse Armstrong, the drama will live up to its promise in the title.

Armstrong also projected that someone would eventually overcome the powerful Logan Roy. The season finale gave the impression that the hammer had dropped. This horrifies online users.


One of the best TV episodes in a LONG time, a user commented. “That was without a doubt one of the best TV shows I have ever seen,” said a further commenter. Speechless.   the hashtag #Succession from HBO. Some of the other comments were, “Wohoo! This is indeed marvellous.” Another individual said, “Succession makes the best case for traditional, well-written TV.”

The music, script, and acting are all excellent. It has some pretty well-done music. Since the beginning of the show, Succession fans have been following the Logan family’s battle for the “throne.” Who will inevitably replace Logan? The job has never really been open for applications until the most recent Succession episode.

The most recent episode shows Logan Roy’s death. That is true, of course. When Logan Roy is revealed to be dead, there are still seven episodes left.

Brian Cox plays Matthew Macfadyen in Succession 4, and Tom Wambsgans plays Nicholas Braun, Gerri plays J. Smith-Cameron, Frank plays Peter Friedman, Karl plays David Rasche, Kendall plays Jeremy Strong, Shiv plays Sarah Snook, and Roman plays Kieran Culkin.