Is there a release date for One Punch Man season 3? Here’s what we know

One of the wittiest anime characters that you must have been acquainted with would be Saitama or One Punch Man. This quirky and out-of-the-place protagonist has been in the eyes of everyone since his optimum power was showcased. One Punch Man is sarcastic, hilarious and the weirdest anime character that has kept us hooked with his dark comedy.

Saitama is a powerful superhero and seems to kick off any villain who comes his way. However, there is a certain limitation to his power. The new antagonist Garou, who was revealed in season 2 seems to be a tough competition for Saitama. However, we are yet to explore Garou’s highest strength, which will probably be shown in season 3.


One Punch Man’s season 3 was announced in the year 2022. The story will be continued from where it was left at the Monster Association arc, which showcased heroes fighting monsters. From where the anime took off, it seems like Garou will be a significant character in the upcoming season as well. However, that appears to be good news for Garou’s fans who have been waiting to watch more of him.

As of now, there’s no official announcement regarding the release of season 3. The makers haven’t even shared details regarding the release window. The second season of One Punch Man concluded in January 2020, and since then fans have been highly anticipating the next season.

But now, it seems like fans will have to wait a lot more. However, if we analyse the gap between the previous seasons, it was three years. That makes it apparent that this much amount of time will be required for the release of the next season as well.

Recently, it was also reported that MAPPA Studious will be animating the upcoming season. MAPPA, being one of the famous studious that has animated some greatest anime, will now be coming on board for One Punch Man also.

However, with this update fans can be assured that season 3 is in the works and with time some crucial updates will be shared. Till then, fans can rewatch the first two seasons which are available to watch on Crunchyroll and Hulu