Haikyuu: Decisive Battle at the Garage Dump: When and Where to watch the English dub version?- Chcek details here

Haikyuu’s new movie, which concludes the long anime series, was released on the 16th of February, 2024. Since the running of the movie is slowly coming to an end, fans’ hearts are filled with saddening emotions. The latest movie’s name is titled Haikyuu: Decisive Battle at the Garage Dump or Battle of the Garage Dump

The latest movie is doing wonders at the box office and is garnering immense attention in Japan. However, for the international audience, the movie still seems like a dream. The release date for the English dubbed version is still yet to be announced.


Haikyuu’s new Battle of the Garage Dump had its theatrical release on the 16th of February. The movie is having a blast in Japan’s theatres. It is receiving high-scale appreciation worldwide.

As of now, there’s no official announcement regarding the release of the English dubbed version. Seems like the international audience will have to wait for a few weeks for the movie to get released in English. However, fans are in luck as Haikyuu’s global popularity will surely entice the makers to release the English dubbed movie sooner rather than later.

It also seems like Crunchyroll will be streaming the movie online. While it’s now clear as of now, the anime houses the anime’s previous seasons as well. Looking at the release trajectory of Haikyuu movies, the films usually take two months to release in English. Therefore, the latest movie will be unveiled by summer 2024.

The feature-length movie will kickstart where it left off. The film will showcase the Karasuno volleyball team making it to the finale and playing against Nekoma, their strongest rivals. The movie will be an exhilarating experience for anime enthusiasts, as it will portray the strongest competitors in combat mode.